Prayer Ministry Sessions

In person prayer ministry sessions can be booked individually outside of a retreat or when booking your retreat


Prayer Ministry Questions & Answers

Prayer Ministry is an opportunity to encounter the power, truth and love of God as someone prays with you, discerning and passing on what they sense God has for you. This could be healing, forgiveness, blessing, encouragement or freedom. Sometimes it is a word, image, song, or scripture verse. Your prayer minister will follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and allow God to lead your prayer ministry session.

Prayer ministry does NOT replace counselling, psychology or your doctor's advice regarding mental health or other medical issue. Prayer ministry is NOT a replacement for these therapies or specialties. 

The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to plan and conduct prayer sessions that help lead the church members into an active life of prayer. To help turn God's House, the church building, into a House of Prayer (Isaiah 56:7; Matthew 21:13). Another purpose of prayer ministry is to being God into every situation of ones life no matter where we are or what we have done God meets us right where we are just as we are.

In person sessions at the retreat center are spirit led and there is now time constraint. 

In person we will first bless you with blessing balm or holy water. Sessions follow this general flow: 1. Invite the Holy Spirit to be present as we seal ourselves, you and those around us so that we are spiritually protected during the prayer session. 2. We will await the leading of the Holy Spirit as He guides us in how to pray for you. You will be asked what you would like prayer for and have a chance to share. 3. You will be asked if it is alright to lay hands on your shoulder or head. 4. We will now enter into the prayer ministry portion of the session which looks different for each person as God meets then where they are, as they are. 5. After the session we will seal you with the Precious Blood Of Jesus and check in with you to see how you are doing. When in person you may want to spend some time in prayer in the chapel.

You can expect that the power gifts of the Holy Spirit may be used. These may include: Words of wisdom; Words of knowledge; Faith; Healings; Working of miracles; Prophecy; Discernment of spirits; Speaking in tongues; and Interpretation of tongues. When sessions are in person you may also experience the use of music and singing.